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Apophis is an extremely large near-Earth asteroid (2,000 kilometers diameter) classified as a potentially hazardous asteroid. Its orbit around the Sun takes it close to Earth’s orbit, and it occasionally passes through Earth’s neighborhood. Because of its size, astronomers suspect Apophis may have been an asteroid impactor. On April 13, 2029, the asteroid will pass within 0.05 AU (3.9 million km, or 0.5 lunar distances) of Earth. It is the closest asteroid to Earth with a 1 in 375 chance of impacting Earth in 2029, according to Minor Planet Center predictions.[1] The asteroid’s path will take it just inside the orbit of Mars in the year 2036.
The chance of Earth impact:
The asteroid has a low but non-negligible chance of impacting Earth on April 13, 2036. According to the JPL Solar System Dynamics Group and JPL Horizons Project, the chance of impact on April 13, 2036 is 1 in 375. However, the probability of impact increases as the year progresses as other asteroids, comets, and meteorites enter Earth’s neighborhood. NASA has issued a Planetary Defense Coordination Office bulletin describing the asteroid and its trajectory, and has prepared a web page explaining the likelihood of impact, and includes information on asteroid related resources.
Visualization of the asteroid’s trajectory:


The Widget runs:
Each time this widget refreshes, it automatically checks to see if an Earth-impacting asteroid has been detected. If so, it downloads and renders a visualization of the path of the asteroid (a meteor), and opens a page in the NASA reference section that explains the nature of this object, its approximate size and how it will impact Earth in 2036.
This Widget is designed to work with Yahoo! Widget Engine 2.0 and higher.

Do You Remember the Devastation of the Lunar Base?

Do You Remember the Devastation of the Lunar Base?

We lost just about everything:
■ Office
■ New clothes (We had just purchased brand new clothes)
■ Almost everything of any sentimental value.
We only got out alive because we were armed to the teeth and were prepared to make a last stand.
After that, we really didn’t have anything of any value. It was a strange feeling, knowing that we were now total survivalists, with no food

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Use KEYMACRO to create a macro to insert the countdown widget code to the HTML.
1. Highlight the COUNTDOWN/widget.html widget.
2. Right-click in the selected widget and select Insert > # MACRO.
NOTE: If you are creating multiple macros for other widgets in the same document, you will need to
create a separate macro for each widget.
3. Type the code for the macro in the text area labeled Text for User Macro. You can use an image
such as the
Final countdown to impact.gif as the widget image or any other image of your choice.
4. You can configure the macro options in the Macros dialog by highlighting the options in the
lower pane and then clicking on the checkbox next to each option. See Macro options.
Macro Options:
■ Add a button to start and stop the countdown
■ Insert a button to pause the countdown
■ Add a button to pause all macros
■ Insert or remove a button from the previous button list
■ Insert or remove a button from the current button list
■ Change a widget’s text in the text area
■ Set the icon that will appear in the Macros drop-down list
When you are ready to execute the macro, click on the Run button to the right of the text
Note: You can also add code directly into the HTML to change the duration of the countdown. For
example, you can change the length of time that the “Seconds to impact” widget displays in the text
area in the HTML.
NOTE: If you want a sound to play when the countdown ends, configure the macro to include the
‘sound’ parameter.
Configure the macro options as desired and click OK.
Macro is now saved in the document for the user.
A separate macro for the “Seconds to impact” widget will allow you to configure the text area that
will display the time remaining to impact. If you choose not to edit the HTML for this widget, you
can use the code in the HTML below to insert the countdown widget and create your own countdown.

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The meteor that exploded over Russia on Feb. 15, 1908, was
also visible in the Northern Hemisphere.
Image credit: Fred Espenak (46), Bob Berman (38), and Michael J.
D. Silverio (20)
Source: NASA/JPL
This NASA News article has an excellent comparison of the
Source: NASA


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Asteroid 99942 Apophis is one of the biggest threats to Earth of the next 100 years. Read the NASA page about Apophis for more details.Photo by Tristan Vautour on Unsplash

If you’re in high school, you may have heard this phrase before, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

But did you ever stop to think what that actually means?

Simply put, we need to try new things, we need to overcome our fears, we need to learn new things, we need to take risks in our lives.

A lot of times, we run from something and we don’t step up to it. We fail at new things that we want to learn and we don’t try new things.

When we do this, we are never ever ever giving ourselves a chance to overcome anything. When we do something new, it gives us the chance to overcome.

So how do we overcome the fear of doing something new?

Well, we can either be a fly on the wall watching others do something new. Or we can take the risk and do it.

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We need to take that chance. We need to do that new thing.

If we do that, we are doing what we really want to do. We’re not doing something that just a little bit. We’re not doing that thing to just meet expectations or to not get in trouble. We’re doing that thing because we want to.

If we do that, we’re not going to think about how we’re failing, we’re going to think about how we’re succeeding. We’re going to be thinking about doing that new thing.

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That is how we overcome the fear.

If we go to the baseball game instead of going to the dance, we’ll learn a ton.

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If we take that job interview instead of going to the mall, we’ll learn a ton.

It’s all about overcoming the fear of doing that new thing. You have to take the risk. You have to do that new thing. You have to be that fly on the wall or you have

System Requirements For Apophis:

OS: Windows 7 (64bit), Windows 8 (64bit), Windows 10 (64bit)
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Additional Notes: If you are using 4 GB of RAM the following drivers are required, which you can download here: Windows 8 / Windows 10 Download
OS: Windows 7 (64bit), Windows 8 (64bit