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KeyMacro for iPhone is a professional karaoke tool for the iPod. It allows you to record your voice and play the audio recorded by the iPod player, which is installed with the KeyMacro application.
KeyMacro comes with a built-in karaoke effect engine. The software will automatically remove unwanted noise from your voice, and apply the DSP (Digital Speech Processing) effect and other special karaoke effects. You can insert your own lyrics into the recorded voice or play the ones that are embedded into the application. Moreover, you can easily control the volume and the DSP effect.
KeyMacro comes with two different modes, which are Karaoke Mode and Karaoke Practice Mode. In the Karaoke Practice Mode, you can manually select a specific part of the song for it to be played back, without the DJ effect. In the Karaoke Mode, you can sing, without interrupting the DJ music.
With KeyMacro, you can use several sources of recordings, including the built-in microphone, the iPod Touch, the iPad, and the iPhone. You can also import WAV-files, MIDI-files, and record your voice directly from the SoundCloud website.
Feature highlights
You can easily set your preferences for the incoming files, so that the application will automatically recognize them.
You can set and store a list of multiple karaoke songs so that you can easily use them in practice mode.
KeyMacro allows you to quickly play the selected part of the song from the karaoke sources.
You can change the volume of the song using the VU Meter.
The DSP effect is automatically adjusted, according to the pitch of the singer.
You can easily record the songs using your iPod Touch or the iPad, and also import WAV-files and MIDI-files, which contain lyrics.
You can easily import lyrics from the SoundCloud website.
Use the integrated Effects engine to apply special effects, such as the echo, reverb, or the o-zone effect, to the voice.
You can preview the effect using the built-in VU Meter.
You can easily change the pitch of the voice using the DSP effect.
KeyMacro is equipped with the Song List feature, which will enable you to create different playlists and apply them to any song, for karaoke practice.
The application is equipped with the Song List feature, which allows you to create different playlists and apply them to 384a16bd22

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A comprehensive program to let you speak as well as write. For those who are
deaf, hard of hearing or have a physical problem with speech, pVoice is a must.
pVoice does have it’s limitations, mainly because it’s interface is designed for
disabled people, not necessarily handicapped people.
New Features in pVoice 2.2:
1. Language support has been extended.
2. The statusbar has been replaced with a timer.
3. The speech synthesizer is not selected by default anymore, but can be selected using the pVoice controls.
4. pVoice can use the Windows Speech Recognition Engine to read you something.
5. pVoice now supports the Traditional Chinese language.
6. pVoice supports the Spanish, English, Dutch, French, German, Croatian,
Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Russian
pVoice can now use the new Text To Speech Engine to do a much better job than
the older Speech Synthesis (SSP) engine.
This is a beta version.
See the Beta pVoice forum for more information on how to obtain and install the beta version
and how to use it.
See the Download pVoice page for details on how to obtain pVoice 2.1.Q:

Unity I2S C# – AudioSource not playing sound

Hello guys I am using the C# implementation of the I2S (AudioSource/AudioListener) in Unity and whenever I play the audio files in unity the sound doesn’t play, here’s the code
AudioSource audioSource;
AudioListener audioListener;
AudioBehaviour audioBehaviour;

void Start()
audioSource = gameObject.AddComponent();
audioListener = gameObject.AddComponent();
audioBehaviour = gameObject.AddComponent();

void Update()
audioBehaviour.Position = transform.position;


Your code needs a couple fixes, the best one is to change


then instead of