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Cyclop is a professional synthesizer that comes packed with DSP algorithms and is specialized in wobble sounds in order to help you tweak the audio signal in different ways. This bass machine lets you work with vocal sounds and oscillators in order to produce humanoid sounds and various special effects.
You can use it as a standalone utility or integrate it within various compatible hosts as a VST/AU/RTAS/AAX plugin.
User interface
The layout may seem a bit overwhelming at a first glance but this only because the tool comes with a multitude of features to play with. In the upper part of the menu you can check out the modulation and FX area while the lower half is reserved for synthesizer, audio routing and filters.
The program can be easily controlled via a MIDI keyboard, and you can use four main knobs, set the synthesis controls and assign modulators. You can work with three synth controls, three filter controls, two routing controls, master pitch, as well as master level.
The Routing module is specifically designed for connecting oscillators and filters in different ways while the master effect area embeds sub-oscillator, bass processor, distortion and stereo imaging.
Working with presets and samples
Cyclop comes with several presets and samples that you can make use of. You can assign tags, add ratings and specify the author for the selected preset, and filter presets based on their tags and other criteria (e.g. author, folder or tag list).
Tweaking the four main controls
The application gives you the possibility to work with four main controls (Wobble, Assign, Sound and FX) in order to alter the sound. Each control integrates a recordable envelope which remotes the control when its play button is active and a MIDI note is played.
The Wobble knob enables you to choose between twelve LFO speeds and waveforms while the Assign one is used for morphing from one wobble to another or fading a wobble in or out. The Sound one is designed for morphing from one sound to another by turning parameters up or down and the FX gives you control over the FX Sequencer.
Other audio features to experiment with
Cyclop comes with a pitch looper for repeating the audio signal for a certain amount of time, looper for repeating the audio signal at a certain rate, collection of several vinyl effects (e.g. scratch slow or fast, vinyl fast or slow, tape stop fast or slow), send FX (they are delay-based effects), and gater for interrupting the audio signal with a groovy pattern.
MIDI configuration settings
The tool lets you ignore program change messages, disable the saving mode for MIDI-CC assignments, load or save your current MIDI-CC assignment, alter the pitchbend range, and make the overall tune fit to your “out of tune” audio file.
Applying master effects and various filters
You can work with a sub-oscillator for playing along with your MIDI notes, bass processor for amplifying the synthesized sound, stereo processor for spreading the audio signal in the audio field, distortions, amp/speaker simulation, overdrive, intensive distortion, diode (provides mojo), clip boost (audio is boosted until it clips), sine (audio is boosted and runs through a sine algorithm), 1-bit, crush, and digitize.
When it comes to enabling filters, you may activate the high-pass, band-pass, band-pass/low-pass combination, 2-pole low-pass, mid-boost, ripple, combo and other ones.
Built-in game
Avid gamers may press on the Cycle Robot logo in order to play a built-in game where you need to shoot bots while you can still play MIDI notes. The game triggers MIDI notes whenever you shoot, hit an enemy or vice versa, or when enemy breaks through.
Powerful and efficient audio synthesizer
All in all, Cyclop delivers a rich-featured suite of options for tweaking the sounds with the aid of distorting and modulating modes as well as special effects. The advanced feature pack makes it suitable especially for power users.

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Cyclop is a powerful and efficient instrument for your Audio MIDI work. It gives you tools for tweaking the audio signal in different ways and comes with presets, samples and an in-built game to make your creative process more enjoyable.
With an easy and intuitive interface, you can get started without much fuss. One of the most important features is the multitude of modulated modes that enable you to get creative.
• Audio Routing:
Routing is the main function and features a bunch of sub-oscillators, filters, and rizers that can be used to shape the sound in different ways. To get you started, the tool offers a bunch of simple routing modes, such as “Lo and Lo” (for mono and stereo). You may also combine “Lo and Hi” for more complex routing.
• Oscillators:
The tool has three main oscillator types that you can use to get new and interesting sounds. You may also adjust all the settings for each oscillator such as filter, gain, detune, sync and the like.
• LFO:
LFO allows you to create modulated envelope for any parameter. For example, you may create a modulated envelope for pitch, filter or speed.
• LFO + Pitch:
LFO + Pitch may be used for adding variation to the synth sound. You may create arpeggiated, wobbly, wobble and phased sounds by using the LFO and playing one note at a time.
• Assign:
Assign is where you can assign and manipulate MIDI CC. You may also send the assigned values to other parameters and mix signals to get a complex sound.
• Misc:
Misc features enable you to re-route the audio signal to a collection of MIDI tracks that may be assigned with multiple controllers, add messages or play them as notes.
• Presets:
Presets are designed to save your settings for the synthesizer and are mainly used for rapid and easy sound design. You may also add ratings and author to the preset.
• Effects:
Effects include distortion, reverbs, multi-effects, chorus, reverbs, compression, delay, reverb, equalizer, modulations, amp simulator, vocoder, a lot of reverb and chorus effects, delay (delay-based effects), tremolo, double, up/down delay, phase shifter, flanger, phaser, pitch shifter, slide and others

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KEYMACRO is an innovative and powerful MIDI controller for Keyboard, VST, VSTi plugins, and host softwares.
KEYMACRO works as a traditional MIDI controller for Keyboard: the notes are sent through the MIDI ports and the host software generates the corresponding events on the MIDI channel.
However, KEYMACRO also features a unique function called Virtual MIDI Input which allows you to work with various VST/VSTi plugins and host softwares in a similar way to a Keyboard: the notes are sent through the virtual MIDI ports and the host software generates the corresponding events on the corresponding MIDI channel.
Because KEYMACRO features 12 programmable MIDI outputs and 4 assignable footswitches, you can easily trigger various actions from a Keyboard or other music gear. You can even assign the virtual MIDI inputs to other software instruments that are connected to your computer.
Advanced Keyboard mode
In the advanced Keyboard mode, you may record all the notes played and trigger macros later. For example, after recording the notes, you can easily trigger macros for all the sounds playing, just play the notes for a particular sound in a different mode.
You can set up a macro on the Keyboard or record a macro for a specific sound, but you can also work with the virtual MIDI inputs from your Keyboard. You can assign a macro for each input and record the related note-ons and note-offs as well. The recorded macros can be triggered at any time by simply pressing the assigned footswitch or by the sending of a note-off for a specific sound.
Virtual MIDI mode
In the Virtual MIDI mode, you can assign the virtual MIDI inputs to other software instruments that are connected to your computer. For example, you can assign a virtual MIDI input to a VSTi instrument and have the virtual MIDI port be played on the VSTi.
You can also assign a virtual MIDI input to a host application and have the virtual MIDI port be played on the host software.
MIDI Channel mode
In the Channel mode, you can choose the MIDI channel on which to play the notes. When you play a note on a keyboard or sequencer, its associated events are sent on the specified MIDI channel. The note events can be heard through your host software, for example a virtual instrument, a sequencer, an arpeggiator, a DAW, etc.
Virtual MIDI inputs
In the Virtual MIDI inputs, you can map multiple MIDI ports to the VST/VSTi instrument and assign

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Let the Echoplex and Pitch Changer work for you to help you create some bouncing basses and gritty sounds and let the Pitch Manipulator help you create odd and unusual sounds. Cyclop is a powerful, efficient and easy-to-use audio synthesizer that comes with many sounds and features. Create funky sounds and funky basses with Cyclop.
The user interface for Cyclop is very simple and it allows you to control the four main synth parameters, the modulators and FX. There is a huge collection of presets included with the tool and you can make your own presets for your synth. There are also various features included with this synth tool that will surely help you in creating sound patches and sound banks.
Use the filter controls for shaping the sound, routing the audio signal and controlling the modulators. There is a MIDI configuration section included in this tool that allows you to control the program, disable the saving mode for MIDI-CC assignments and alter the pitch bend range. There is a MIDI recorder section as well that will help you record the audio signal and also sends the program change information. There are a ton of built-in effects that will give you an idea about the sound generators in this synthesizer. There are a bunch of chorus, reverb, delay, distortion, amp simulation, speaker simulation and clip boost effects.
Cyclop Description:
The Echoplex is a synthesizer that was specially designed to help you create various types of sounds. Using the Echoplex you can create a musical instrument, let the Pitch Changer work for you, let the Pitch Manipulator work for you, and let the Sonic Entrainment work for you.
Cyclop Description:
Let the Pitch Changer work for you to help you create some bouncing basses and gritty sounds, let the Sonic Entrainment help you create odd and unusual sounds, let the Pitch Manipulator help you create odd and unusual sounds. Cyclop is a powerful, efficient and easy-to-use audio synthesizer that comes with many sounds and features. Create funky sounds and funky basses with Cyclop.
Cyclop Description:
The Echoplex, Sonic Entrainment, Pitch Changer, Pitch Manipulator, and Ejector Bass are four powerful tools that make it very easy to create all kinds of basses and sounds. These tools have lots of features and can be used to create basic sounds or more complex sounds.
Cyclop Description:
Let the Ech

What’s New In?

Cyclop is a professional audio synthesizer. It is the best tool for manipulating audio signals in order to make the audio sound like a certain artist or record. With Cyclop, you can manipulate the audio signal by using pitch modulation, multiple oscillators, plugins and filters to create a wide range of audio sounds.

The app provides a huge set of controls to manipulate audio and sound effects, which are quite convenient for those who love to tweak the sounds. There are also numerous presets and samples that you can make use of, and the app is free to use.
From Hammer Software, Studio Vision is a drum machine that lets you produce kick drums, snare drums, bass drums, hi-hats, snares, toms, cymbals, percussion, as well as other sounds on a MIDI keyboard.
The app offers several drum templates, from which you can select. You can preview the drum sounds by holding a certain MIDI key, and you can start recording and sequencing. You can assign the resulting MIDI notes to control other sounds, as well as change the tempo and velocity of the audio.
User interface
The UI is simple and easy to use with a choice of either a zoomed view or a quick view. In the zoomed view, you can pan around and select a drum type. To the left, you can view a drop-down menu where you can select drum type. In the quick view, you can view the waveform, assign notes to various parameters and edit each parameter.
Working with presets and samples
You can create your own drum types by modifying existing drum types. A preset is an already-created drum type. You can assign presets to tracks, folders or tag lists.
You can create your own samples that you can use in the app. You can import MIDI notes, edit them as needed and export the notes to the sample.
You can also make use of the files that you have stored on your mobile device. These include the drum samples, midi files, instrument files, rhythm patterns and others.
You can work with the drum engine separately, and it lets you load and save files from your mobile device.
Working with MIDI
Studio Vision comes with an advanced MIDI engine that supports non-tied MIDI by detecting the keyboard layout on your device. You can program your keyboard and assign the notes to your own parameters.
There are three main screens where you can configure and manipulate the different sound engines that are available in the app. The first one is the MIDI page where you can program your keyboard. The second screen is the sound page where you can control the different drums, as well as set the dynamic range and filter. The last one is the FX page where you can assign the effects and control them.
Other audio features to experiment with
Studio Vision is a drum machine with a huge list of sound effects. There are various drum types, which you

System Requirements For Cyclop:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
CPU: Dual Core 2.0GHz/Single Core 2.4GHz
Memory: 1GB RAM
Hard Disk: Minimum 10GB
Video Card: DirectX 10 capable
Input: Standard Keyboard, Mouse
Output: Display for Projection
Projector: 15000 lumen/10W
Projector Model: 1800/30000 – Digital (only 1800)
Projector Brand: Philips