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.. code::



int main()
/* Initialise emulation environment */
AT7700.init(1, 1, 0, 0);

/* Set video mode to the normal mode */

/* Set base address to main memory.

The lower 4 bits (0 to 3) are ignored and the upper 3 bits are used to
select which memory slot we are reading from.
AT7700.membase = 0x00000;

/* Toggle VPU output enable.
This has the effect of on and off flashing the screen on the VPU.
AT7700.vpuout = 0;

/* Initialise TIA VPU registers */
AT7700.regs[0x0A] = 0x50;

/* Initialise RTC and MSR registers */
AT7700.rtc.base = 0x0000;
AT7700.rtc.step = 0x01;
AT7700.rtc.clk = 0x41;
AT7700.msr.base = 0x0000;
AT7700.msr.step = 0x01;
AT7700.msr.clk = 0x41;
AT7700.msr.clkstat = 0x00;

/* Run the emulation loop once */

/* Stop the emulator */

return 0;

.. image:: pic/screenshot.png

.. note::
This example was built using Visual Studio 2010.
To get a similar look for your IDE, you may want to copy the
files :file:`bin/Debug/AT7700.exe`

EMU7800 Activator


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* OLD Atari Games in addition to being emulated support the new.NET® technologies in the emulator which allow for some game extensions.
* The emulator was built using the.NET platform.
* Hardware Accelerated Graphics (AHGL), allowing for Retina-class screen resolution.
* Top down view (Atari VCS games) and full screen view (many ProSystem games).
* All sound effects are re-recorded for hardware acceleration.
* Centered, fine-grained, 256-color, color-pipeline full-color output.
* Region free playback.
* DirectX 9 support (compatible with Vista/Windows 7)
* Units of measurement are in centimeters.
* Scroll bars are scaled to screen resolution.
* Smooth scrolling.
* Well-suited for mobile devices.
* Voice Synthesis is hardware accelerated.
* When installed the game folder appears in the list of games.
* Although ProSystem games run fine, the 2600 games often have an odd black screen and broken sound.
For more info visit emudemo.net.
Version 1.7:

(New features)

Atari 7800 games can now be used in high score mode, so you can get your best high score!

Updated graphics with the ability to show the video “under” the player’s character or the background.

The internal state of the emulator is now persistent. It remembers where you were in the game at a particular time, what game you were in, and so on. This means you can play a game, pause it, resume it, or even use the save and resume features and continue from the exact point where you left off.

New debugging features

Reload/Stop Debug

Debug Pause/Continue/Resume

I’m guessing this is for fixing games. I could be wrong though.

Updated scripts for more games.

As usual you should backup your save state or you will lose all of your progress.

The author is available for questions/concerns.


Emulator for NetNesse V-Link adapter:

What’s New In EMU7800?

EMU7800 is an easy to use Atari 7800 emulator developed using the.NET platform.

You can get the sources and binary to run in your PC here:

EMU7800 is based on Andrew Tower’s thesis for his Master’s Degree on the Atari 7800 published here:


* Basic graphics and sound
* Automated screen-cleaning
* Emulates screen filter options (On-screen Display, VDIFF, XFERR, PEEKNESS)
* Scales XFERR and PEEKNESS to full screen
* Can be run in.NET

You can run the game by double-clicking on the.NET exe in the “Debug” folder.


Using a VCS or ProSystem, you can try the game without buying it. The bonus game is a large number of 2600 titles.

Daniel Halliday (dhalliday@gmx.net)

Unzip the file and extract it to a temporary folder. If you’re using Windows, you will need to right-click on the.NET exe and choose “Open with Notepad.” Don’t extract the game in the same directory as the.NET exe, or you will get an error. After extracting the game, you can now double-click on the executable to run the game.

You can extract the game to any folder, as long as it isn’t in the same directory as the executable. When you double-click on the executable, it looks for a folder named “BIN” in the same directory, and loads that folder as the main application folder. In most cases, you’ll want to extract the game in the temporary folder created by Windows.

If you use a DOS machine, you can also use DOSBox to launch it. If you have an NTSC VCS, just replace “BIN” with “BIN\vcs.exe.”

Note: If you don’t use an NTSC-compatible VCS, you’ll need to configure the game to emulate a VCS. This is the easiest way to get this working on a VGA card.


EMU7800 supports the following titles:

* Cosmic Ark
* Cosmic Ark Deluxe
* Croc Hunt
* Croc Hunt Deluxe
* Castle of the Wizard
* Citadel
* Colby
* Custer’s Revenge
* Cyclonoid
* Demon Attack
* Desert Falcon
* Desert Falcon Deluxe
* Desert Falcon II
* Eerie Castle
* E

System Requirements:

– Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 (32-bit only), or later
– Minimum: 1.6 GHz processor (2 GHz recommended)
– 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
– 250 MB of free hard disk space
– 128 MB graphics card (256 MB recommended)
– DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card or an Intel Integrated Graphics card or later
– DirectSound 3.0 compatible sound card
– DVD drive required