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Excel File Cleaner Crack License Code & Keygen [Mac/Win] (Final 2022)

It is the most complete and easily portable version of Microsoft Office Visio Professional. It can be installed on Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP, Windows 2000/Windows NT/2000/9x/ME/98, Linux, OS/2, MacOS, etc., as well as all versions of Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, etc.
Advanced features of Visio in one easy solution
With the aid of Visio 2007, you can create diagrams easily and efficiently. Open or save the diagrams in any of the popular formats: Visio, PDF, WMF, EMF, EMF+JPEG, SVG, GIF, BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, EPS, TIFF, PSD, PS, DXF, SWF, WMF, RTF, RDL, Visio, Visio XML, and XML. You can even export to PDF and image files.
For years, the only thing we’ve wanted from Visio was an automatic way to save its files. No more manual operation is needed. With the help of the built-in functionality, you can save documents to numerous formats in a matter of a few clicks, and then, at will, edit the files and save them.
It is easy to use
The Visio application boasts a user-friendly interface with a modern and functional set of controls. Its new features, which make working with Visio more efficient and comfortable, are rarely met in other competing products.
Ease of use is complemented by a toolbox, additional options, preloaded templates and a library of more than a thousand Visio shapes and layouts.
The Word, PowerPoint and Excel functionality included in Visio 2007 is also available here.

Visio Professional 2013 is a fully featured free cross-platform application for Windows, Mac, Linux and other platforms.
* Create and edit your own professional Visio diagrams
* Use Visio’s built-in functionality to automatically save Visio diagrams to PDF, WMF, EMF, EMF+JPEG, SVG, GIF, BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, EPS, PS, DXF, SWF, WMF, RTF, RDL, Visio, Visio XML, and XML.
* A wide range of professional layouts and templates with 3D effects included
* Visio Professional 2013 is fully compatible with Visio 2008/2010/2013, Visio 2008/2010/2013 Add-Ins, Visio

Excel File Cleaner Crack+

Convert Excel-2007 and Excel-2010-files into the Excel-2003 format.
The program is intended for MS Office XP-2010 users.
KEYMACRO can automatically convert your outdated XLS files into a format that is compatible with MS Excel 2003.
The program searches for misspelled words in all Excel spreadsheet cells, formulas, references, styles, charts and links.
One of the important advantages of KEYMACRO is that it automatically removes all the attributes and formatting of an MS Excel file without harming its original structure.
Unlike other similar products KEYMACRO does not require Microsoft Office Excel 2003 to be installed on your computer. It can be used even if the original files were created in Excel 2002.
KEYMACRO uses the advanced OLE object model that allows the program to work efficiently with any MS Office files.
KEYMACRO is a must-have utility that is completely free and compatible with all MS Office software.
It is possible to convert any number of MS Office files to an Excel 2003 format at once.
KEYMACRO is a very easy-to-use program that even a beginner can use to easily convert his or her files.
KEYMACRO has a built-in conversion list that allows you to convert the most popular MS Office files to the MS Excel 2003 format.
KEYMACRO is a fast and reliable conversion tool that can be used by people with zero experience to convert their MS Office files into the new format.
KEYMACRO is a simple and easy-to-use application that you can use to convert your old MS Office files into a compatible Excel 2003 format.
KEYMACRO is an easy to use program that can convert MS Office files to Excel 2003 format with a single click.
KEYMACRO is a utility that allows you to easily convert any MS Office files to an Excel 2003 format.
KEYMACRO is a free utility that allows you to convert your MS Office files to the Excel 2003 format.
KEYMACRO is an easy to use application that requires no installation. It is compatible with MS Office files of all versions.
KEYMACRO is a software program that can convert any MS Office file into Excel 2003 format.
KEYMACRO is a very easy-to-use program that can convert any number of MS Office files to an Excel 2003 format at once.
KEYMACRO is a fast and free program that will convert your old XLS files into a compatible Excel 2003 format.
KEYMACRO can convert MS Office 2003

Excel File Cleaner Product Key X64

– A compact tool for batch processing and cleaning of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
– A clean interface with a dialog box that lets you to easily select files to be processed.
– The tool is designed to be friendly for both beginner and expert users, it offers simple but powerful settings and advanced options that can’t be found in other utilities.
– The tool is capable of removing unused styles, cells, named ranges, links, formulas and even comments.
– It can remove unused images, fonts, styles, shapes and images and can remove dead links to help speed up performance of the applications that open the files.
– You can access the Settings and Options dialog box that includes logging and general options.
– There is a parameter to choose how to process the files. The user can choose to Process one file at a time, process all files in a folder, a batch process all files in a folder, process one by one, process all but ignore hidden files, process all but ignore hidden files.
– The tool can also log all program activity so the user can be informed of all modifications and operations performed on the files.
– Settings are recorded to log files so the user can stop the tool, save the settings, open the log file and load the settings back.
– A simple interface, the settings are grouped into: Parameters, the Application, the General, the File Correction, the Style Correction, the Cell Correction, the Naming Range Correction, the Link Correction, the Comments Correction, the Images Correction, the Fonts Correction, the Shapes Correction, the Check Boxes Correction, the Images Checking, the Missing Images Correction, the Merge Cells Correction, the Date Functions Correction, the Font Color Correction, the Style Color Correction, the Range Color Correction, the Image Alignment Correction.
– The application runs at a steady pace without slowing down the computer.
– The application shows immediate results after cleaning the files and gives an updated progress bar on the status window.
– The application does not prompt to restart the computer after the job is finished.
– The application is Microsoft Windows compatible and it is free of charge and does not require registration.


Mon, 04 May 2015


Excel File Cleaner is a compact tool for batch processing and cleaning of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The tool is designed to be friendly for both beginner and expert users, it offers simple but powerful settings and advanced options that can’t be found in other utilities. The tool

What’s New in the?

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that is used in many work situations. However, the amount of work that a single file can store can quickly fill up hard disks. Therefore, it is necessary to delete, extract, and compress files on a regular basis in order to save disk space. You will only need to open and save documents if you want to reuse them.
Microsoft Excel File Cleaner is a simple, intuitive and approachable tool that will help you with that task. It will quickly reduce the size of Excel spreadsheets and improve their loading time. This is an intuitive and approachable application geared toward all user levels. It offers support for Excel 2007 and 2010 workbooks.
Simple setup and configuration panel
The installation procedure is a fast and simple job that requires minimal user intervention. Worth noting, though, is that you need to have Microsoft Excel installed in order for it to work.
Its interface is represented by a neatly organized configuration panel filled with basic, correction and logging options. Before selecting the Excel spreadsheets, it's necessary to tinker with these settings.
Customize correction, log and basic settings
The utility can be instructed to correct styles, cells and named ranges, or to remove anything when it comes to unused styles and cells, invalid named ranges, links, and linked formulas. Otherwise, it can take all these aspects into account for correction.
Moreover, it can be asked to back up the original spreadsheet in case you change your mind, open the file on task completion, save program activity to log files, and hide logging details to speed up the job.
Evaluation and conclusion
We haven't come across any stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that the tool didn't hang, crash or prompt error messages. It had minimal impact on computer performance and cleaned files rapidly.
To conclude, Excel File Cleaner provides you with a fast and easy solution to reducing the size of Excel spreadsheets. Too bad that it doesn't integrate batch processing support.



Most useful features:

Configuration Options


Shrinking of Excel files and more

What is it?

Microsoft Excel File Cleaner is a handy utility that enables you to clean, extract, convert and compress Excel spreadsheets. It can decrease their size and improve their loading time. It also has a function for logging tasks and settings made by the user.

You can use this utility to shrink MS Excel spreadsheets, extract, compress and convert them. All your worksheets will be well organized, and you will be able to see the list of stored records.

Main features:

Compress – the utility can compact all MS Excel files at once or only those you select;

Extract – it can

System Requirements For Excel File Cleaner:

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