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FastSyncFiles (FASTSYNCTILES.COM) is a tool that lets you sync files between any two drives. Its command line interface is quite intuitive and allows you to perform synchronized backups, no matter if you are using Windows or Linux.
FastSyncFiles is able to sync files from FAT and NTFS volumes. It can automatically detect and copy all files, from directories or sub-directories.
This is how it works:
You first need to select the disk and partition on which you want to do the synchronize. Once selected, the tool will start copying the files.
FastSyncFiles Pros:
FastSyncFiles is a very handy tool for easily backing up your computer’s data from two disks. It’s command line interface is very straightforward to use. FastSyncFiles has many functions.
FastSyncFiles Cons:
Able to back up only folders on your hard disks, FastSyncFiles only backs up file structure. It doesn’t back up the file data itself.
FastSyncFiles Alternatives:
FileSync can also do the job, but it will backup your data as it is, meaning that it will back up the actual file structure and data. SyncToy can be used in order to save files to your cloud storage.

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What’s new in version 1.1.0

Version 1.1.0:
– added logfile support and compatibility for latest.NET 4.0
– added ntfs support

What’s new in version 1.0.0

Version 1.0.0:
– initial release

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About FastSyncFiles

FastSyncFiles is a software product developed by FASTSYNCTILES.COM. It was coded by JavaScript code inside source code that we publish to our website. The software product FastSyncFiles is preloaded by the software installer, which we’ll download and run to quickly start the FastSyncFiles installation. No direct unpacker file for FastSyncFiles has been found yet. We have given no information about the software program name or software publisher. The company producing FastSyncFiles is unknown, as the information is only registered to us. You can run FastSyncFiles setup file from the CD/DVD, or you can install the FastSyncFiles software by running the FastSyncFiles setup file.

FastSyncFiles is a tool that lets you synchronize files between two local storage environments. FastSync

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Usage: FastSyncFiles [options] [source] [destination] Source: Specify where the original source is stored (Local or Network). If no destination is specified the source will be copied to the current working directory.
Destination: Specify where to sync the source to. The destination can be specified with its full path or file name (the file will be created if it doesn’t exist).
–help: displays command line help.
–volume: only run if the volume of the destination is mounted.
–force: force an immediate sync, overwriting any files on the destination.
–dry-run: only display the list of files that will be copied without actually doing it.
–progress: display the progress of the sync process.
–noclean: do not remove all the intermediate files.


To copy files from disk 1 to disk 2 use:
cp -i /source /destination

mv -i /source /destination

The -i means “interactive” meaning you’re prompted for confirmation when an error is detected. You can use this if the source file has been modified, or if the destination is on another disk.
The -i is also known as “uniquification”, and is a feature available in cp, rsync, and a few other programs.
To copy the destination files to the source
You can copy the destination files to the source using either cp or mv:
cp -i /destination /source

You can combine both these together using the -R option:
cp -Ri /destination /source

It’s a good idea to run the -i option with a non-conflicting filename so that it’s easy to know which file is which.
You may also want to run the -i (interactive) option with a force option, such as:
cp -Ri -f /destination /source

If the destination directory is on a different disk, you can use the -R (recursive) option. To copy all the files in a directory into a directory on the other disk, you can use:
cp -R /directory /destination

The -R option can also be combined with the -i option for convenience.
To update the destination files with the contents of the source, use:
cp -i /source /destination

What’s New In?

FastSyncFiles is a lightweight, command-line file
sync application.
No installation is required. Simply double-click
the executable to execute.

* Synchronize files and folders between local
storage devices
* Synchronize files in various formats:
* [Btrfs] [Mac OS X Yosemite] * [FSF] [Linux 2.6.x] * [GIT] [Linux 2.6.x] * [CVS] [Linux 2.6.x] * [Darcs] [Linux 2.6.x] * [GNU Free Documentation] [GNU/Linux 2.6.x] * [Mac OS X] [Mac OS X 10.5] * [Perforce] [Linux 2.6.x] * [SVN] [Linux 2.6.x] * [TortoiseSVN] [Windows] * [Subversion] [Linux 2.6.x] * Multiple backends
* [DFS] [Linux 2.6.x] * [Samba] [Linux 2.6.x] * [Windows] [Windows] * [SMB] [Linux 2.6.x] * [Linux NFS] [Linux 2.6.x] * Linux NFS 3.x
* Fast and complete
* [DFS

System Requirements:

– Windows OS X Linux 64-bit only
– Intel Core i3-4u2.0
– Recommended system specs:
File Size:
Included in the bundle:
– Custom VR Audio Drama
– Using your eyes as a controller in addition to your HMD
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