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JASS (Java Scripting for A.S.A.P.) is a program designed to manipulate macros and scripts within the JASS environment.
JASS is a standardized way for making macros and scripts for A.S.A.P.
Keymacs allow macros and scripts to be created in JASS. The macros and scripts can be included in other scripts, or used from the A.S.A.P. scripting environment.
■ Java Plug-in 2
KEYMACRO Requirements:
■ Microsoft Windows operating system
■ Installed and updated Java Plug-in 2
■ Microsoft Internet Explorer (2.0 or later)
When you use the application to generate a macro or script it will automatically open the macro or script in the default editor for the particular platform.
If you have a file open in the default editor, then pressing the ‘Go to Save’ button will open it in the default editor for the particular platform.
This program works in conjunction with the Keymacro website. You can enter a script or macro from the Keymacro website into the program to generate a macro.
■ Enter a script or macro to generate a macro.
■ Click ‘Submit.’
■ View the generated macro/script.
■ If it is a script then you can click ‘View script’ to view the script. If it is a macro then you can click ‘View macro’ to view the macro.
■ Click ‘Save.’
■ If you want to save the macro, then click ‘Save macro’.
■ Click ‘Edit macros…’ to open the macro list for editing and clicking ‘Add macro’ will add the macro to the list.
■ Click ‘Save macros…’ to save the macros.
■ To open the macro editor use the ‘View macros’ button on the toolbar.
This program is not intended to be used as a stand-alone utility.
Shay Cihi is the creator of Keymacro and is the developer of this application.
If you would like to give feedback, use the forum at
■ Follow me on Twitter at A and B Vaccination Coverage Among Households of Head Start 384a16bd22

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This program allows you to enter a macro that you want to be executed when a designated key is pressed.
Each Keymacro may be an independent macro, or the macro can be a Keymacro group.
You can assign a Keymacro Group to a custom key on the keyboard.
To achieve this, you have to follow these steps:
Open the Keymacro group on the “Shortcuts” menu.
Click on “Add”.
Enter a key name and press the “Add” button.
Once the key is added, you can select it by pressing the corresponding button (note: the highlighted button corresponds to the selected key).
You can define the key “Shift” as a Macro by pressing the “Shift” button.
NOTE: The “Add” button must be pushed once for every Keymacro you add.
After you press the “Add” button, you must click on “OK” to allow the program to add the macro.
NOTE: The maximum number of macros that can be assigned to a single keyboard key is 20.
Windows features:
Now you can manage the files in different directories with a simple and intuitive interface.
Optionally, you can create a HotFolder that allows you to reach to the particular directory in a few seconds.
You can also create HotFolders for an entire drive.
You can change the “Hot Folder Settings” to prevent Winamp from opening files in the hot folder.
You can also display the time you specified in the program’s Preferences.
– Open the program and press “Run Setup”.
– Install the program on the hard disk or on a USB stick.
– Press “Start Installation”.
– Install on each computer where you need to use the program.
How to use:
– Press “Menu” button.
– Click on “Shortcuts” on the menu bar.
– Click on “New”.
– Enter a name for the key you want to assign the Keymacro to.
– Press “Add”.
– You can choose the key you want by pressing the “Shift” button.
– Press “OK”.
– You can click on “OK” if you want to assign the macro to a key, otherwise, press “Close”.
– If you have selected the “Hot Folder” option, press “Hot Folder”.
– Select the directory where you want to save the files.
– Press “Next”.