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IP Video Conferencing Live! is an easy to use application which provides real time video conferencing
With additional image processing features included, such as video image scaling, transrating (switching video streams into different frame rates or bit rates), watermark/subtitle overlaying, etc.







IP Video Conferencing Live! Crack + Free License Key Free Download [32|64bit] [Latest] 2022

IP Video Conferencing Live! Activation Code is an easy to use application which provides real time video conferencing. It is actually a series of small,

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IP Video Conferencing Live! Crack Free PC/Windows

With the “Plug-in” technology, you can directly use any video conferencing software on your PC to create VCD or DVD without using any special software (e.g. you do not need QEMU, Image Converter, GoTo Server and others).
With the “Stand-alone” mode, you can run the application as a virtual machine. You can save the data from the server as an XDP file, and then play it on your Mac with QuickTime.
KEYMACRO Features:
1. Protocols supported: H.324, H.320, H.323, Skype.
2. Connection type: “Inbound/Outbound” and “Inbound/Inbound”. You can choose to use an existing connection, to create a new one, or to create a new one directly.
3. Active and disable: No minimum or maximum number of users is required to connect. You can decide whether to use the real time or the scheduled conferencing mode.
4. Traffic management: You can connect to multiple destinations with only one connection, or to a single destination with multiple connections.
5. Monitoring: You can display the status of the connection in real time.
6. Video compression: You can set various video parameters such as frame rate, resolution, bit rate, etc.
7. Filtering: You can set the filter to delete any undesired image such as watermark, logo, image overlay, frame, and insert subtitle and audio.
8. Available image processing tools: including video scaling (scaling up/down), image flipping, image transrating (transrate frame rate), watermark/overlay and others.
9. Full control over user’s audio/video settings (e.g. input volume, audio/video filters, etc.)
10. No media server and no bulky equipment is required. You can use any computer to host the conference.
11. Use a proprietary Mac application to broadcast real-time to multiple PCs (requires QuickTime).
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IP Video Conferencing Live! With Keygen [Updated] 2022

– Up to 4 participants can connect to a single session
– Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
– Video resolution: 1024 x 768
– Fully compatible with all video streaming solutions, such as Skype, Google Talk, MSN, etc.

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What’s New In IP Video Conferencing Live!?

The main feature is supporting real-time video/audio stream (actually, you can chat by sending webcam images and screen shots). You can share your desktop screen/image/etc. with your friends/colleagues/children/family…etc. or just with your PC. And you can use Windows Media Player for remote controlling your PC as a TV. You can use this application to enable your computer to be a TV, and you can use this application to chat with your friends and colleagues through your computer.

5. Upload online.

You can upload online to you friends, if they have this application installed in their system. Or you can upload online to your website. (the link will be sent to your email)

6. Real-Time Video and Audio Streaming.

There is also a real-time audio and video streaming option. (requires 4 Gigs free space on your computer)
You can use this as a screen share, to share your screen. Also, you can share your images.
You can upload the stream to your website, to increase your website traffic.

7. Scaling.

Image scaling is available. This allows you to scale images down to a certain resolution.

8. Transcode

There is also transcode option available. (requires 4 Gigs free space on your computer)

9. Chat.

You can chat with your friends through your webcam. You can select different background music. Also, you can use your microphone for chat.

10. Remote Control your PC.

You can also use this application to control your PC as a TV, (play, pause, stop, etc) with any of the buttons.

11. Live Streaming,

You can also upload online to your friends. They can see your online stream and can chat with you.

12. Windows Media Player.

It is available as an additional feature. With Windows Media Player you can view your online stream, you can send an image to your friend, or you can even view your computer screen while you are away from your computer. (Currently, it is disabled due to the remote control feature.)

13. System Requirements.

Requires windows NT 4.0 or higher with SP2, XP, Vista, Server 2003, or later, or Vista with SP2.

14. About

This is an inexpensive application to use. It is suitable for sharing your computer screen, images, and webcam with other computer users. It is also suitable for remote controlling your PC.

Video Software Packs:
* WinTone Video Software Packs:
– Video Editor:
– Add text to the video as subtitle.
– Add text to the video as commentary.
– Add text to the video as marker.
– Remove text from the

System Requirements For IP Video Conferencing Live!:

-Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 or Windows Vista
-At least 4GB RAM or equivalent
-500MB free disk space
-Hard disk with at least 400MB free disk space
-50MB (minimum) of available hard disk space
-At least 1024 x 768 resolution
-Internet connection
-3GB of available hard disk space
What’s in the package?
– 4x game engine pre-release downloads
– The game files (Windows or Mac)
– Windows or


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