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Kuntowijoyo Pengantar Ilmu Sejarah Pdf Downloadl


PDF | Historical, in addition to being in charge of auxiliary science.n confirmed Kuntovidzhoyo that history is useful in essence and externally. It is a subject equally popular in all schools. In addition, it is very interesting, as it collects the views, opinions and ideas of contemporaries, and not just followers. German scientists, especially those who taught in military schools, especially land and naval schools, in the art of war or in the Weimar military school, these are people who were excellent listeners, who were very attentive to the study of history, including such issues as the sinking of ships, Sicily, the Russo-Turkish war, the Russo-Japanese war. The German military school that was taught at the military school, at the academy of Vienna, in the Tyrolean schools, was one of the most important in Europe, so it was a subject that was taught in the military schools. In particular, in Wiesbaden, in the academies in Ingolstadt, in Freiberg, in Dresden, in Marburg, in Jena, in Frankfurt am Main and in Göttingen, this military history was considered very seriously, it was considered in the history department of the school and in military training centers . I had several meetings in 1932-33 with generals who taught at the training centers and, in particular, with General Birk, who taught at the school in Wiesbaden.
Kunzfield says that although propaganda has grown wiser, in the field of history it has not achieved its goals, and this was the main obstacle to propaganda in Germany. The Dutch military historian also notes that against the backdrop of successes in the Wehrmacht, propaganda lost its former strength, as well as against the backdrop of the economic crisis in Europe. But the successful war effort allowed the Führer of Germany to focus on propaganda and agitation work, so that the negative aspects of the war, such as inefficiency and lack of discipline, were hushed up.
Birk said the following: “War propaganda was then very good, really strong and really suitable for the German people. If someone spoke out against Hitler’s actions, against the war, he also had to give anti-fascist sentiments that pleased the people. But if the same performance took place in Holland, then he had to do what he did, so to speak, descend to the level of mass consciousness gollan