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Considering that it comes with just a few settings that you can tweak slightly and you can go through the settings to make it work more efficient, the best way to describe Windows Explorer is simply functional. Simply put, if you need to manage files and directories on your computer frequently, then you can be more efficient if you were to use a dedicated file manager.
Midnight Commander is an advanced, yet easy to use Explorer replacement that enables you to perform both simple and complex file management operations using dedicated hotkeys.
Allows you to customize navigation completely
The application comes with a retro interface and features several themes that you can switch to from the Options menu. Similar to other similar tools, the UI is comprised of two tabs that you can use to navigate through the files and folders on your computer.
The difference, however, stems from the fact that the app relies on keyboard shortcuts for navigation purposes. While most of them are quite intuitive, do not hesitate to check out the full list of hotkeys on the developer's website. Then again in case you want to make modifications, then you can do so by accessing the Settings.
Packs several advanced editing features
As far as the functionality is concerned, this is where the application really shines. In addition to the classic file management operations, you will be happy to learn that you can access advanced functions as well. For instance, when editing a file, you have the option to edit the string with a normal expression, hexadecimal, case sensitive, backward or all charsets.
In addition, copying files from one place to another can be done using your usual shell patterns and with preserving the file attributes. Moreover, if you are working with large directories with dozens of files and subfolders, then you can immediately find a particular piece of data via the search function.
A reliable file manager for advanced users
All in all, Midnight Commander is a handy file management utility that addresses users who want to be efficient when handling and editing files and folders on their computer.







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An advanced file manager.
Supports a wide range of file operations including:
File size, file type, file attributes, deleted/not-deleted status, text editors, etc.
Installs as an application without a console.
Supports multiple sessions.
Easy-to-use file management.
Bugs fixed:
New Features:
New Features:
New Features:
Bug Fixes:
Bug Fixes:
Bug Fixes:

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KEYMACRO is a program which is a powerful tool that allows you to generate macros from a standard input text file (csv format) that you can save to a file (csv format) or import from a file (csv format). The standard input text file format is compatible with Excel, Excel for Mac, Word, and many other spreadsheet programs.
KeyMacro opens the standard input text file (csv format), shows you each row of data in the file, and allows you to key in or paste a value from the standard input file and then save it to the standard output text file (csv format).
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KeyMacro also features a plug-in system that allows you to create plug-ins for your macros. When you create a new macro and save it to your file, it automatically creates a plug-in file in the plug-in folder. When you use this plug-in file, it creates a new instance of KeyMacro that loads the plug-in, as if you copied the plug-in into the folder. When you close the program, it unloads the plug-in.
The Macros can be loaded into any spreadsheet program or any text editor. To create a macro, first create a new key macro and add the macros you wish to use. When you save the macros to your new key macro, KeyMacro creates a plugin to load the macros. To use these macros, load the plugin and then open your spreadsheet or text editor and run the macros.
KeyMacro Features:
* Create event macros
* Create counter macros
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* Create SQL macros
* Add your own macros to KeyMacro
* Save macros to a text file
* Save macros to a zip file
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* Create a new file or table
* Select a file
* Import a file

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Do you need to move, duplicate, rename, delete and change the attributes of the files and folders? Midnight Commander allows you to perform all of the mentioned operations with ease. Midnight Commander is a powerful, easy to use file manager for Windows that enables you to get the most out of your system by performing all of the advanced file management operations.
Key features:
• Powerful file manager for Windows that allows you to perform the advanced operations with ease.
• Simple and intuitive user interface.
• Customize navigation using dedicated hotkeys.
• Transfers files to/from Windows Explorer.
• Selective file renaming and renaming.
• Multi-encoding file renaming.
• Advanced file editing.
• Displays file and folder properties.
• Fast file browsing.
• Supports shell patterns.
• Advanced search functionality.
• Copy and move files to/from Windows Explorer.
• Directory listing and file viewing.
• Supports case-sensitive and UTF-8 Unicode file searching.
• Hides, unhides and locks files and folders.
• Unhide files from Windows Explorer.
• Supports the MFT (Master File Table) format.
• Supports the SHIFT+DROP function.
• Supports the HEX+DROP function.
• Supports the Windows 7 taskbar.
• Supports a large number of file and folder names.
• Supports ZIP and 7-Zip archives.
• Supports the SFX file format.
• Supports additional file formats.
• Advanced file editing tools.
• Includes a number of advanced file manipulation commands.
• Works on both Windows and Linux.
• Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems.
• Customizable interface.
• Includes 6 themes (Classic, Default, Aurora, Menu, Mod, Sky).
• Comes with many additional features.
• Supports command line.
• Is completely written in C#.
• Supports.NET Framework 4.
• Supports Mono 2.8.
• GUI and CLI interface.
• Supports Windows 7 taskbar.
• Supports various commands.
• Supports Windows Explorer.
• Is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
• Is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 2000.
• Supports GUI and CLI interface.
• Supports GUI and CLI interface.
• Supports GUI interface.
• Supports 64-bit Windows.
• Supports 32-bit Windows.
• Supports Linux.
• Supports Windows

What’s New In?

“Midnight Commander is a versatile file manager for the X Window System. It can act as a normal file manager with tabs and a file list, but it can also provide a modern graphical file browser with thumbnails, drag&amp

System Requirements For Midnight Commander:

– OpenGL 2.0 or later
– Minimum: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT, ATI Radeon X1300 Pro
– Minimum: 512MB of video RAM
– 1GB of RAM
– Hard Drive space of minimum 500MB
*At least 30% of the RAM is required to run the games at high settings. We have optimized for at least 2GB of RAM.
– An Internet connection is required to download game content and redeem keys
– Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
– 4GB of available