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There are an abundance of folders on your computer, and you surely need to perform a great variety of operations with contained files. These operations aren’t necessarily difficult, but become time-consuming, and frustrating. Luckily, developers came out with automated solutions in the form of applications like Psycho Folder to handle various types of tasks.
Quietly sits in the tray area
You only spend a few seconds in the setup process, which asks whether or not to create a startup entry, and takes the liberty of launching the application when the installer closes. Don’t worry if nothing shows up on launch, because the application stays minimized to the tray area the entire time.
It doesn’t come with its own interface, except for a few browse dialogs to select the folder to watch, and select the list of rules. The tray menu is pretty intuitive, making it possible, besides target selection, to have it open, and even include subdirectories in the process. Sadly, there’s no option to toggle functionality.
Rules as an XML file
Choosing the folder alone is not enough to leave all tasks in the hand of the application. A list of rules needs to be selected, which comes under the form of an XML file. There’s a sample file you can use to understand the process, which you can edit, or load a custom one.
Unfortunately, setting up the list of rules can be a little frustrating, mostly because you need to be aware of some programming in order to properly create the XML file. More than that, the application doesn’t come with any documentation as to what and how rules are created.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Psycho Folder doesn’t really make work with folders much easier, unless you clearly know your way around with XML code, or already have one or more XML lists at hand.







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Every folder can have a very different strategy. If you have several kids, you might want to share as much tasks as possible. In other cases, you might do the opposite, leaving all operations to the application.

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Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Psycho Folder doesn’t really make work with folders much easier, unless you clearly know your way around with XML code, or already have one or more XML lists at hand.
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What’s New in the Psycho Folder?

Freeware / $2.49 / Windows / Software Utilities

Quietly sits in the tray area and does the right thing.
Freeware / $2.49 / Windows / Software Utilities

Freeware / $2.49 / Windows / Software Utilities

Quietly sits in the tray area and does the right thing.
Freeware / $2.49 / Windows / Software Utilities

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Quietly sits in the tray area and does the right thing.
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System Requirements For Psycho Folder:

1) Windows 7 or later
2) Internet connection
3) Storage
4) 24-bit color graphics card
5) 2GB RAM (4GB for full screen mode)
6) Microsoft.NET Framework 4.6.2 or later
Hotfix Notes:
– Fixes an issue where the AI would not always complete a mission on the mission tree.
– Fixes an issue where the wrong choice would be given in the dialogs when cancelling an operation.
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