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Session allows you to create secure instant messaging conversations in a matter of minutes without any prior configuration or set-up.
Built-In Onion Routing Technology
When you chat with others from outside your trusted network, your communications are transmitted and received over several tor routers that connect you to your intended contact through a permanent path with no possible way of tracing the identity of the sender.
It prevents anyone, including those within the network, from accessing the messages you send and receive.
Built-In Privacy Settings
As soon as you open Session for the first time, you are prompted to choose between three different privacy modes:
— Coding Mode
In this mode, a random ID is assigned to your device (similar to ROT13 method), and your messages are encrypted using strong AES 256 bit algorithm.
This is the default mode, but when you enable Coding Mode, it will add a layer of security to your conversations, increasing both your privacy and the longevity of your account.
— Hidden Mode
This mode is an alternative to Coding Mode, and a powerful tool for people who want to go beyond simple anonymity. Hidden Mode allows you to create a messaging service that cannot be intercepted by outsiders but that automatically hides your identity behind an anonymous ID of your own choosing.
Although Hidden Mode is much stronger than Coding Mode, it requires a bit of familiarity and discipline from its users in order to manage everything in order to succeed.
— Open Mode
In Open Mode, you can use your existing messaging ID and have your conversations remain visible to other users or to non-encrypted third parties.
This mode was designed to be a more-comfortable-than-no-mode alternative to Hidden Mode.
Both Modes are prompted before you begin your conversations, as a way to introduce you to the concept of anonymity. As a matter of fact, the last thing you should do after the very first chat is set your privacy mode.
Session Requirements:
A PC or laptop computer
An internet connection
At least an 8 MB flash drive
Administrator permissions
Session will ask you to setup your privacy settings and create your account before you can access the app.
According to its official page, Session is not compatible with iOS 9.
This means that iOS users who want to enjoy the anonymity offered by Session should stick with an older version of the operating system.
According to its developers, Session is strongly built on top of Openwall and uses its onion network to ensure that your messages remain private


Session was the first “key feature” that made me fall in love with PC clients. The instant messaging feature offers unparalleled anonymity and quality of service in comparison to other platforms. Basically, the onion routing network is such that instead of going directly to the destination IP address, your message is routed via nodes in the chain. It is quite the same scheme as online anonymity. In comparison to Mixminion, it comes with full support of manual key exchange and automatic key exchange of 4096 bit keys.

Session is a free instant messaging app that encrypts your chat messages. The interface is plain vanilla, but it’s a nice touch that you can choose whether or not you want your messages to disappear. You can also adjust the cycle at which your conversations are deleted. Other than that, the features are what you’d expect from an instant messaging app.


1. Anonymous:
You are able to use Session without being tracked. The protocol offers end-to-end encryption that is impossible to crack. Messages are sent to all nodes in the network to ensure that your messages are safe.
2. Key Exchange:
The server key is automatically generated from your account. Use manual keys to protect sensitive information. Session supports 4096 bit keys for all clients.
3. Different Android Versions:
Session automatically detects what version of Android is you are using. It can be used on all versions of Android.
4. Manual Key Exchange:
You can set up a manual key exchange that requires a password to protect your account.
5. No Virus:
Session is free and requires no special permissions.
6. No Accounts:
No login or registration required.
7. Backup and Restore:
Use the History tab to access your previous chat history.
8. Supporting Multiple Languages:
Session supports English, Malayalam, Malay and Punjabi.
9. Grammar Check:
Check the readability of your chat messages.
10. Clean User Interface:
The GUI is minimalistic and intuitive to use. You can customize the interface of Session to match your style.
11. Dynamic Icon and Background:
The icon and background of Session can be customized.
12. Loads in Seconds:
Session loads in less than a second.
13. Customization:
You can make your icons and background to appear as you want. Change any background or text color on the fly.
14. Thousands of Latin Laced Strings:

Session [Mac/Win]

– Anonymity.
– Dedicated modes for messages, transactions and chats.
– Highly intuitive GUI.
– Clean, simple UI.
– No registration needed.
– Registration is optional.
– Download Session – iOS | Android | Windows

Gametime lets you experience games on an entirely new level. Record your progress, share your gameplay, and engage with friends in new and exciting ways.
Gametime provides the following features and functions, allowing you to truly experience game play to the fullest.
Overwatch’s in-game recording function to save your current game state, so that you can replay any specific moment of your game and can stream your game to friends in real time.
Save even more info by taking snapshots of your game state using the built-in photo app.
Share a screenshot of your game state with friends and other Overwatch players.
Gametime provides various modes for real time online play.
Instant Play lets you instantly connect to other players who are currently playing with the same game and match you up with random players that are looking for a game to join.
Matchmade lets you find and connect with other Overwatch players and play with them in a more structured game.
Find Us allows you to find and connect with friends that you see playing games or posting pictures on social media.
Download Gametime – iOS | Android | Windows.

Mates & Brothers is a free multiplayer game where you and your best buds compete to become king of your very own kingdom.
Once you start the game, there will be a quick tutorial that explains the gameplay. Tap on a player and it will be on your screen and you can see them and the arrow buttons you can use. For now, the game allows you to play with one player, but in the near future, you will be able to play with 2,3 or 4 players.
You can choose your character in the game for free, but you can also spend real money to get better weapons and other things. You can set your own price for each item that you sell in the store.
You have to install the game and then download it to your mobile or tablet device using the applications tab of the Google Play Store. You will need to be connected to the internet in order to play.
If you want to play the game with other people, you can download the Mates & Brothers Community app, it is a social and multiplayer platform where you can chat with your friends, win prizes and the community leaderboard.

What’s New in the?

–> Simple and intuitive chat application with a focus on anonymity.
–> Intuitive and elegant GUI that makes communicating fun.
–> Convenient and secure options to hide your messages, such as onion routing.
–> Easily recover your privacy with a one-time recovery phrase.

With ChatSecure and Signal, the safety of your conversations is in your own hands.

ChatSecure is an open source cross-platform, end-to-end encrypted instant messaging application for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and macOS. It’s distributed as a free and open-source software under the GPL v3 license and is the default instant messaging application in Tails and GNUTLS-based desktop environments.

With ChatSecure, your chats are completely hidden from everyone but you and the people you’re communicating with. They’re end-to-end encrypted using the Signal protocol and the only way to read them is with the corresponding secret key (which you should share only with those you trust).

ChatSecure uses the Off-the-Record (OTR) protocol to be as compatible as possible with the Signal protocol and requires no setup. Setup is simple and couldn’t be easier as it’s all done using QR codes: once you’re done with your key exchange, all you need to do is scan the QR code using the included QR code scanner, enter the PIN you’ve been given and you’re done!

ChatSecure is a simple instant messaging application, so we don’t have any fancy features. We just wanted to make it easy for you to get started with encryption.

Both ChatSecure and Signal support OTR mode, which means that when you use it, the other party will also be OTR encrypted. The protocol not only makes the messages encrypted, but also provides perfect forward secrecy (which is to say that it makes it impossible for someone who intercepts your messages to derive your shared key from past messages you sent).

We’ve spent a lot of effort on performance and compatibility, and we hope that you’ll find it to be a fast, easy to use application that you can rely on to protect your communications.


Signal is a privacy oriented messaging application. It was built on the open source Signal Protocol and offers end-to-end encryption for your conversations, making it impossible for third parties to read your messages and vice-versa.

On a few services (such as WhatsApp) you might be able to read some messages but even if you

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 graphics card with at least 1 GB of dedicated video memory (VRAM)
Hard Disk: 30 GB available space
DirectX: Version 11
Additional Notes:
The game requires a DirectX 11 capable video card, and a processor that can support at least 4GB of RAM.
We recommend that you use a Windows 8/10 desktop for your test environment.
Running on Mac or