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Teambition is a professional project management tool. It’s used to track tasks, make progress reports, and have peer reviews. It is powered by Agile methodology.
Teambition Highlights:
• It has a simple interface.
• Users can manage tasks, memos, meetings, documents, and chats.
• It has a simple interface and can be used by all levels of users.
• It is very easy to install.
• It has an intuitive user interface.
• It has the ability to add tasks, memos, meetings, and documents.
• It has project templates.
• It has a set of filters to filter different kinds of data.
• It has a social collaboration interface.
• It has task-level permissions.
• It has a group chat function.
• It has the ability to export files in different formats.
• It can track task progress.
• It can have fixed and variable budgets.
• It can have fixed and variable work time.
• It has a bug-tracking feature.
• It has the ability to set up different task levels and priorities.
• It has the ability to create a project plan.
• It has the ability to create a demo version.
• It has the ability to export reports.
• It can have user-defined tasks.
• It has the ability to insert various types of documents.
• It can have timelines for tasks.
• It has the ability to create an agile project template.
• It has the ability to have sprints.
• It can have the ability to take notes.
• It can have the ability to create subtasks.
• It has the ability to set task tags.
• It has the ability to take screenshots.
• It can have the ability to assign a deadline.
• It has the ability to have task follow ups.
• It can have multiple task cards.
• It can have full task list support.
• It can have a Gantt chart view.
• It can have the ability to attach files to tasks.
• It has the ability to have task reminders.
• It has an API.
• It has a feature to send a message to an individual.
• It can have a calendar view.
• It has the ability to have task reports.
• It has the ability to schedule and share meetings.
• It has the ability to sort tasks.
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From a Devialet, that’s what you get: the Devialet Hype.
Up until now, audio and visual artists have been limited to specific applications, such as Pro Tools and Cool Edit, or the full-fledged recording suites. Thanks to the Hype, Devialet has entered the digital audio realm, giving you everything you need in one box.
With its small, slimmer housing, the Hype is a great size for traveling, especially when working in the studio or in another room. The Hype contains all of the functionalities of the standard Devialet Hype, including the high-quality audio processing, headphone amplifier, mastering plug-ins and direct access to the 24-bit/192 kHz audio processor.
With the Devialet Hype you have the power of a recording studio in a small, portable format.

MIDI KaraokePlayer Professional Description:

RAP4K APS MIDI Karaoke Player Professional gives you the ultimate performance of MIDI Karaoke players, adding all the latest features and functionality to this class of product. Version 5.0 is the latest release from MIDI Karaoke Player and includes:

– DSP support for a diverse range of devices
– USB driver support for all Windows OSs
– Works with any MIDI files created by any musical instrument or sound library.
– Includes MIDI files created by non RAP4K APS supported devices
– MTC MIDI is supported with standard note-on/note-off, CC messages, and terminal state messages
– Full support for MIDI Note On / Off / Off, MIDI CC messages and TSM (terminal state message) support
– Fully customizable keybord layout
– MIDI and graphic input device support for the most common keybords such as:
– Native Mac keyboard
– Native PC keyboard
– Native AU MIDI keyboard
– Native TB MIDI keyboard
– Native Windows keyboard
– MIDI Express keyboard
– MIDI Fender Stratocaster
– MIDI Fender Telecaster
– MIDI Fender Bass
– MIDI Fender Jazzmaster
– Native Korg SP-125
– Native Korg D50
– Native Korg MK-10
– Native Korg MK-10 II
– Native Korg Q-70
– Native Korg M-2000
– Native Korg M-50
– Native Korg M-80
– Native Korg M-88
– Native Korg M-