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Simboluri Breasla Metin2 16×12 Download Yahoo


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With this, the size of your program is reduced to:

function Go(a,b,c) { return a+b-c; }

The other one you provide is to have your variables as parameters to a function. In the previous case, the parameters were always the same. But in this case, a function can be defined to create a new function to calculate the parameters you need, only calling the old function in the implementation, so you don’t need to pass its parameters.

function inner(a,b,c){ return a+b-c; } function out(simboluri) { return out2(simboluri, inner, 4, 4); } function out2(simboluri, f, loX, loY){ return simboluri.split(”).map(c=> f(simboluri.substring(loX,loX+c.length),c,loY)).join(”); }

This means that the user can call your function with his own parameters (and that function could have its own parameters if they were needed).

Regarding performance, if you need to calculate the sum of all the characters, the speed difference will be very low, because it just depends on the calculation of a+b-c.

One last thing: if you don’t really need that function to be a global function, but only inside your function, it’s simpler to create a local function, or more simply, just a function inside a function.

const Go = (a,b,c) => a+b-c;

Note: there’s a bug in your function calculation, as you wrote return f(simboluri.substring(loX,loX+c.length),c,loY).join(”); you don’t need to do this. The following code works better:

const Go = (a,b,c) => a+b-c; function out2(simboluri, f, loX, loY){ return simboluri.split(”).map(c=> f(simboluri.substring(loX,loX+c.length),c,loY)); }


Gemfile for npm ‘underscore’

I am unable to install underscore (the local version) on heroku. It’s a local