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XenSign has been developed to provide an open source digital signing tool for security professionals. XenSign software is based on the XML Digital Signature specification and it uses private keys for signing and public keys for verification. XenSign supports the use of PIN/password to protect the private key. The software supports the DSA and RSA algorithms for signing and it uses both the SHA and SHA-2 functions for hashing.
XenSign can be integrated into any OS-independent Application using the Microsoft Cryptography API. The interface has been developed with the usage in mind and it is based on the Microsoft development experience. The user interface provides a ready to use applet with a few “auto-assign” actions and a list with the necessary parameters to choose.
XenSign provides a programmability interface for the application developer which allows the secure development of applications using the digital signature features. In order to ease the development XenSign provides many samples for the different parameters and using the different algorithms.
XenSign is written in Java and it is fully Open Source. The source code of the application is released as GPLv3.
XenSign is cross-platform and it supports several Windows versions (Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8) as well as Linux and UNIX operating systems. XenSign supports and has been tested on the following platforms:
32-bit Linux OSs:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Fedora 16
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
64-bit Linux OSs:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Fedora 17
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
64-bit Windows OSs:
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8


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Danish nouns – transport allows you to learn Danish by playing a quiz based on the language.
The software will attempt to guess what you want to say, then display possible answers, and finally, allow you to choose the correct response.
If you want to see the exact translation, a button will open a new window and show you the translation on the side.
The application requires Java 6 or higher.
– 5 categories, 636 sentences
– 7 different languages (Danish, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish)
– 5 levels
– 5 different game modes: Normal, Challenge, Voice, Speed and Blank
– Challenge mode: choose a category, a level and start the challenge.
– Voice mode: choose a category, level and start the game. The application plays the sounds of the category and level, while you speak.
– Speed mode: choose a category, level and start the game. The application will speak for you, while you answer in real time.
– Blank mode: choose a category and start the game. The application will play sounds of a category, while you answer.
– New custom text: you can add words or sentences in any language. You can add a custom font.
– Translations: you can choose from different languages. For each new language, the application can start automatically, or, the window will show a message with the translation.
If you don’t like what you say, simply use the button at the bottom of the window to go back to the previous screen.
System Requirements:
– iPhone OS 3.0 or later
– Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch
This application is free and open source, you can use, modify and distribute it as you wish.
Please, send your feedback to or write to us at
– iPhone App Store
* “Transport”
* “Transport – English”
* “Transport – Español”
* “Transport – Français”
* “Transport – Deutsch”
* “Transport – Italiano”
* “Transport – Polski”
* “Transport – Schrift”
* “Transport – Android”
* “Transport – HTML5”
For more information, visit: