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Do you have a lot of data in your files? This utility can help you to extract the content from the files quickly and easily. With the help of KEYMACRO you will be able to parse the embedded data directly in the files.

The essential and universal database system for Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000. Spreadsheet, Drawer, Funnel, Tree and many other types of database works with you to get the maximum result from your work.

2D bar chart is an interactive chart that displays horizontal bar charts (or columns). Users can change chart style, and add data and annotate. You can make your own background image, scale and position it. It’s simple to make the 2D bar chart with the provided functionalities.

Gnuplot is a system for the generation of plots of data. It can draw graphs, charts, and statistical data tables. It has a command line mode, a programming language, a set of widgets for the Gnuplot GUI (Gnome, KDE, X11, Windows), or a Tk interface.

XML Scraper is a tool that you can use to easily extract data from websites. XML Scraper allows you to navigate through a website and extract data, including form fields, images, and text, based on the selected CSS selectors.

Norman Theme is a theme for GNOME theme manager. It is based on the Windows 10 Modern Interface Style. Norman uses a gradient as the main design pattern for its background. This theme is designed with many features that a theme should have.

Maximalize themes and widgets for GNOME desktop. Its Features: Freely change the appearance of your GNOME desktop, including themes, colors, fonts, widgets, and effects. It also has multiple themes and widgets available for installation.

Download latest version Setup of Lamp:
Lamp is a Linux/UNIX server distribution that uses the latest packages available. It is based on Debian, so it is an excellent choice for any server application.
Lamp has powerful features that allow it to provide great performance.
It can be downloaded as a live or installation system.

Download latest version Setup of Web Server:
Wordpress is an open source PHP based Content Management System. It allows you to easily setup and use your own web based site.

Download latest version Setup of Mail Server:
Postfix is an open source mail transfer agent (MTA), Internet mail server 384a16bd22

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Colorspace – Coloring of each pixel using an index/color-space such as RGB, HSV, HSL, LAB, CMYK, etc. There are different color-spaces for an image, and can be freely changed during an editing-session.

ColorSync – Reference to a color-space used to store the color-space of an image. Images are always color-corrected to the reference space before storing them.

Crop – Creating a new, cropped image from an existing image.

Crop at center – A bit-exact method of cropping an image to a specified center.

Dilate / Open / Close / Clipped – Adding a border or padding around an image.

Rotate – Applying rotations to an image. There are multiple degrees of rotation, from 180 degress to multi-ples of 360 degress.

Flip Horizontal/Vertical – Rotating an image vertically and horizontally.

Grayscale – Making the colors in an image greyscale.

Contrast – Increasing or decreasing the brightness of an image.

Brightness / Contrast – Increasing or decreasing the brightness of an image.

Sharpen – Setting the amount of blur in the image.

Darken / Lighten – Darkening or lightening an image.

Darken / Lighten – Set the darkness of an image, or the lightness of an image.

Colors / Recolor – Recoloring all colors in an image to one single color.

Colors / Recolor – Recolor all colors in an image to a single hue.

Colors / Recolor – Recolor all colors in an image to a single lightness.

Colors / Recolor – Recolor all colors in an image to a single saturation.

Pair – Similar to Red-Blue – Split the image into two layers (a split), one for each side of the center image.

Layer – Similar to Color – Add layers to the image.

UV/Image – Adding a UV-Image to an image.

Displacement – Applying a deformation on an image.

Fade / Shader / Composite – Fading an image.

Shadow / Bloom / Lighten – Adding shadows and lightens to the image.

Shadow / Bloom / Lighten – Adding shadows and


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